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1.7X Revenue for a Prepaid store at 3X ROAS in 30 days

Background about the brand

So last December we started working with a customised gifting store which was only about 4-5 months old and struggling to scale up along with maintaining ROAS, serving in a COD heavy country like ours!

But they had all the prerequisites required to operate on a prepaid only model and were successfully even generating profitable ROAS in just 5 months time!

Prerequisites -

  1. High-quality creatives

  2. Well crafted branded store

  3. Branded social media presence

  4. A host of winning products

The problem lies in effectively scaling up from there on the moment they increased spending, ROAS plummeted.

Our sole task for the month was to effectively do the same.


  1. Even after having a host of winning products they were only successfully generating orders for 1 of them.

  2. Not having a variety of ads and trying to scale up only using one ad and one ad format

  3. A website not being fully optimised for conversion rate (however this wasn’t a major problem)

Solutions / What we did?

  1. First, we went through their ad account and store to identify the points which could change and improve performance immediately. Right away, we found 2 things that could boost revenue without touching the ads at all.

    1. First, we asked the client to update the product landing page with more live photos rather than dull white BG photos found on amazon, Flipkart.

    2. Updated their pixel settings to optimise for all Ecom events correctly (some events were missing entirely)

This itself resulted in a jumo in ROAS from 3 to 5.5/6 in the next 3 days.

  1. Running different iterations of ads to identify more potential winning ads:

There are 2 ways to go about scaling - Horizontally and vertically.

Since the first didn’t work for them earlier, we started off with the latter, and saw ROAS drop as more new ads took away ad spend. Soon we identified a few more winning ads and started optimising budgets for optimal results.

  1. The entire month was focused towards experimenting and identifying more winning ads for not only the product that they were already selling but also for the ones which they had never really tested before.

  2. By the end of the 30 day period, we had identified more winning ads for an existing product, scaled vertically the existing ads to the limits that they could bring in profitable ROAS and tested a few more products they were already running on the store.


  1. The client now has 2 collections bringing in profitable ROAS and not just 1 product

  2. More products and collections are in the pipeline to be run based on learnings from experimental ad spend created and ready to launch once Valentine’s campaigns are live.

  3. We were also able to remain over their breakeven ROAS of 2.5, even with all the experimental costs included and increase the with a similar 1.8X increase in spend (25% of which was purely experimental)

Plans for the month is to go big on Valentine’s collection with 18 new SKUs being introduced by the client and starting off with Google ads and Email / SMS for retention of customers and increase repeat orders.

If you are focusing on creating a prepaid store in India or any COD driven Ecom economy in the world, the product is very crucial but the factors listed above will determine the success for your store!


Looking to scale your brand to next stage?

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