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₹1 Crore ($133k) in 4 months at 25X ROAS

Background about the brand

  • Clothing brand situated in India

  • Completely unknown, had only started before 1st lockdown and were barely doing 15-20 orders a day.

  • A lot of product categories are already available on their Ecom store.

  • We were only focusing on 2 product categories.

Objective / Target

  • Scale both horizontally (start selling more products from different categories) and vertically (scale up performing categories)

  • Hit Rs. 50 Lakhs ($66K) revenue by end of the year

What we did?

  1. First month was all about testing – testing different product categories, different creatives and different ad formats.

  2. We also updated their website layout, before we onboarded them, the website was built on basic shopify theme and had no branded approach.

  3. Website redesign, the branded approach, helped us increase their AOV for the same products that they were selling – we saw that they could easily sell the same products for more price. (By doing so we increased AOV from Rs 650 to Rs 801).

  4. This month we only focused on identifying winners so we could guide the client with what products would require what kind of stock to fulfill demand.

  5. By end of September, we had already scaled up 2 categories and doing 100 orders a day.

  6. October saw us scaling up ads, and simultaneously testing more ad creatives for same products to help in with ad creative exhaustion (for most brand owners who are new – yes, that’s a thing).

  7. We also simultaneously kept testing new products the client kept adding to the store. By November, we had added 2 more winning categories and scaled up to 250 orders a day. December was so hectic for the client that they had to ask us to stop ads for durations of 4-5 days at a stretch just to restock the products.


The Systematic Approach You Can Follow And Advise To Any Brand In A Similar Stage Would Be:

TEST first and then scale – Most brands build up stock even before they have started selling products and have a hang of demand, 5 out of 10 brands we work with have this problem.

First understand what’s selling and then work on building up stock, this will ensure better cash flow for you and smooth functioning of your business and goes a long way in scaling up as you don’t have to worry about the dead stock you hold, which does even sell that much.


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