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Increasing ROAS by 3X and generating 24% of years revenue in 30 days

The moment this brand approached us, the reason why they weren’t able to generate enough orders to even Break even on ads was apparent

They were barely making their breakeven ROAS of 2, on top of spending high monthly retainers with their previous agency.

And the most shocking part was, in 3 months, the last agency never raised this concern as well.

The reason why the ads weren’t working wasn’t because of the product or their ads, it was their website.

It had pretty low conversion rate, the pixel and google analytics weren’t set up properly, and the UI/UX wasnt up to the mark.

Even with our target being to increase ROAS, the first thing we discussed with the client was we won’t spend the entire budget you have given us, we’ll only spend the one necessary to identify winning products/designs - which was roughly half and immediately started working with them to improve their stores UI/UX with an aim to improve conversion rate.

The first 15 days of us working together were then focused on fixing the collections page, the product page, and entirely revamping the checkout process.

With this, we had barely made 45k rev in the first 15 days of December and had identified the products to focus on.

During the testing phase

  • We tested multiple categories.

  • Identified 4 categories with the potential to scale things up

  • Had base of ads ready to scale up once the website was fixed

The next 15 days the scale-up was phenomenal, we were able to consistently hit 5+ ROAS daily, even with cancellations being considered. We had to reduce the budgets as well at the end due to cash flow issues as we had been able to scale up and most of it was stuck in inventory which was already sent out!

With this, we were actually effectively able to generate 24% of their 2021’s revenue from online stores in 30 days and the bulk of it in just the last 15 days itself!

The last text from the client - let’s set up a meet and discuss POA to go to 100 orders a day and for us to get an idea of how much funding we need to get to now scale up smoothly!

If there’s one thing you need to take out from this case study would be that the problem is not always what catches the eye, and you may need to view it from a top view and change the perspective to understand how do you go about resolving the issue at hand!

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