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We help you scale up profitably


Our Mission

At Expanse Digital, our mission is to make a lasting positive impact in the world and in the lives of our clients and associates. As a performance marketing agency, we help clients scale up while embracing our responsibility to create meaningful change. Inspired by our name, we harness the boundless potential of the digital realm to inspire, uplift, and leave a legacy of positivity. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we shape a brighter future and make a lasting impact together.

Our Purpose

At Expanse Digital, our purpose is to enable growth and prosperity for all stakeholders associated with us and our clients. We are passionate about driving profitable and sustainable business growth, fostering success in a way that positively impacts lives and the world we share.

Through our expertise in performance marketing, we empower businesses to flourish and thrive. We believe that growth should go hand in hand with responsibility and a commitment to making a lasting positive impact. Whether it's supporting sustainable brands or collaborating with diverse partners, we actively work towards enabling growth for all.

Join us on this transformative journey as we unleash the full potential of businesses, nurturing their success while creating a better future for everyone involved. Together, we can achieve remarkable growth, leaving a legacy of prosperity, and making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and the global community.

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Our Story

Our journey begins in December 2020, right in between 2 lockdowns in India. But quickly the second lockdown turns deadly with us having to shut the operations and restart in June 2021 with our founder, Dhairya & his sister - Siddhi at helm. 

Expanse, today has worked with clients from across the world including clients in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Southeast Asia as well. While also going from a 2-person team to an 8-member team scaling profitably and also helping our clients scale profitably.


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