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533% increase in MoM sales, with ads active only for 17 days at 13.6 ROAS

Niche: Clothing

AOV: Rs. 1190

CPP: Rs. 88

ROAS Reported on FB: 13..68

Net ROAS: 11.6

Things which worked for us:

1. Testing multiple categories:

While at our peak we had 3 categories actively running simultaneously. We had previously identified reels work best for them and the kind of reels we would need to run to get best results.

The moment we launched 2nd and 3rd category we knew exactly what kind of reels to make, and made 3 iterations of each category at launch itself giving ample options for fb to test.

2. All Reels & stories

When we were testing a month ago, feed, videos, stills, single image, we realised and found the winning reel ad which was getting then an 22+ ROAS in initial days. The same we launched even on story and it started working well, while feed was maxing out at around 10 ROAS.

Once we found the winning reel, we launched a bunch of iterations of the same and were able to scale up the campaigns as well maintaining a healthy 18+ ROAS.

3. Offers

We understood early on to cut the clutter and get in front of everyones eye’s and with an aim to increase the AOV, we tried a bunch of different offers early on itself.

Offers which worked for us -

  • Buy 2 get 10% off

  • Making combos of best sellers and giving discounted rate.

  • Buy above Rs. 1500 to get 10% off

  • First order 10% off email sign up sequence.

4. Emails

Welcome series played a very vital role bringing in over Rs. 50k revenue during this period. Abandon carts werent so effective, but we are currently working on getting things rolling over there as well.

With the popup we were also able to collect a lot more emails than before.

5. Reviews

Adding customer reviews on landing pages helped us improve conversion rates. But Dhairya, theres a dip in conversion rate as we can see here.

Well that’s because we were also simultaneously testing new categories and products at high budgets which brought in traffic with no conversions, taking the overall numbers down.

On the winning collections and products, conversion rates went by upto 25% in some cases.

Hope you find the above pointers useful and apply them to your stores as well!

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