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$54k (Rs. 44 Lakh) Revenue in 6 months, all prepaid orders at a 3X ROAS for a newly launched bran

  1. Along with this, we also identified major fixes which need to be done on website, in terms of customer journey & building trust and authority. We went through thousands of customer journey recordings and identified 10 fixes which needed to be done on priority which were implemented around last week of Jan, getting us ready in time for Valentines season.

  2. With new creatives, new website update and new communications set, February was the best performing month both in terms of revenue and ROAS.

With just being 4 months old when they came to us, the objective was to improve ROAS and help them scale. But there were alot of problems which needed to be fixed before these objectives could be achieved, especially being a completely prepaid store in a COD heavy country like India.

December was all about identifying the said problems to start fixing them while testing and identifying new ads to help them scale as they were down to 2 ROAS.

What we did?

  1. Deep dived into data and identified winning cohort. Earlier they were running all gender ads whereas the data said that Women were much more receptive to ads and were giving better ROAS as compared to men. With this data in hand we shifted our adspend majorly towards women and the creatives and communications were updated accordingly.

Here are the exact things which we applied to get such results:

  1. Created Unoxing video ads to show the full experience of unboxing the gift + wat it contains.

  2. Real life photos of product ran via ads instead of highly edited photos.

  3. Updating product page for easy navigation between multiple product options (this helped us in improving conversion rate by more than 20% during peak season.

  4. Updating reviews in all product pages collected from our customers to build authority and reliability towards the brand.

  5. Updating photos on product pages which resulted in better conversion rate.

  6. Testing multiple reel ads and finding a winner.

  7. Using funnels across multiple winners to scale them each up individually.

Hope this detailed case study helps you in understanding the various factors which you need to consider while optimizing your paid media campaigns. And gives you a clear idea that performance marketing is not just a game of ads but is an amalgamation of various different channels all focused towards 1 objective of getting that sale in for least amount of ad spend as possible.



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