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90% of last year's revenue in 4 months while improving ROAS from 2 to 2.7

The moment this brand reached out to us objective was clear. They had most of the base of a brand already in place, needed a bit of tweaking and data backed approach to help them scale up.

First month:

  • Fixed their website

  • Improved Conversion rate on their store

  • Fixing pixel integration

  • Tested and identified winning product.

  • Sold out the winning product within a week.

Second month:

  • Still making fixes on website to ensure better user experience.

  • Focusing on winning product (again stocked out in 10 days).

  • Focused on identifying new winners.

Third month:

  • Shooting new creative videos for their best seller.

  • Testing and finding winning creative (generating 5+ ROAS)

  • Identified second winner.

Fourth month:

  • Structuring ad acc for scale.

  • Restarting ads for original best seller (Stocked out in 5 days)

  • Scaling the second winner and crossing Rs. 3 lakhs monthly revenue mark for the first time for the brand.

Out of 4 months we’ve worked with this client, we’ve hardly had the best seller in stock for about 40-45 days, on rest we’ve exploring other product variants.

Able to identify new ones and we’ve shoots lined up for the new ones where stock issue isn’t going to be a major issue.

With consistent stock, we could have easily scaled this brand by 2-3X so far having already hit a few Rs.20k-Rs.25k with both winners in stock.


  • Never stop looking for winners, best performing days were with both winners working at scale.

  • Creative revamp is key to longevity for the products success.

  • Working on products - Most brands tend to focus on what they have and sell it rather than work on developing new products / designs too. With this client the second winner was a completely new design they launched and was an instant hit.

  • Funnel based approach - Earlier the brand only used to run 2 campaigns with no funnel approach in place, just by implementing this we were able to improve on their ads performance instantly

  • Videos - The moment we started focusing on video ads in the strategy we saw a huge improvement in overall ads perfromance, most of our budget today is allocated towards video creatives.

Hope this learnings help you in your journey with your respective brands!

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