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$97k in 3 months

Background about the brand

Niche – Premium Fashion Target Market – US & Canada ROAS achieved – 4.5+ (Reported)



The objective when the brand first arrived was to break the $30k/month barrier which they had only achieved twice before in Q4.

With supporting conversion channels like SMS and Emails set and bringing in good conversions, it was time to scale things up on ads front to get more conversions in BoF.

We used FB to drive primary target audience while also exploring Pinterest ads to bring in highly relevant and targeted audience with shopping intent onto the site.

The same helped us boost past $40k revenue in 3rdmonth itself and almost hitting the $100k mark in 3 months of us working with them.


What we did?

Audiences which worked well for us: Lookalikes, Engaged audiences, Video Views, and 7 days retargeting.

Ad type which worked best: Single image, carousels, catalog carousel.

Offers: First order 10% Off, Retargeting – Flat 15% Off (communicated, via ads, email and sms)

Best sellers out perform the rest: Whenever we had best sellers in stock, we were able to hit anywhere between $2k to $4k days, without which it was difficult to hit $1.5k sometimes.

New Laucnhes: Client had new collections launching twice every month, and that gave boost to sales, from repeat purchasers, which were engaged via social media, sms and email days before the launch.

Pinterest ads: Pinterest proved to be a valuable cheap source of high intent driven audiences, which we were able to convert down the funnel on FB, SMS and email.

With 1/10th of total ad spend it was bringing in half the total traffic to the store as compared to fb ads.


Looking to scale your brand to next stage?

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