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How we generate 12 months revenue in less than 4 months while improving the ROAS from 2 to 4.5

This ones gonna be a short and sweet, to the point case study.

  • Fixing website: We have made iterations thrice on different occasions to improve conversion rates, testing flows, mocks, everything you can imagine.

  • Constant Testing: With over 28k SKUs available there was no limits on products we could test in such a short time. Once we identified a winner, applied our typical 4 step scale plan to it and moved on to test another one. We currently have 3 winning collections, and are planning to revive more which have gone down over the past few months using the new flows, mocks and creatives.

  • Testing backed by data: The brand has been around for 3 years but never could figure out online ads and sales properly (they do have a great offline business going strong over the years). We dug deep into the data and with help from client insights chose the best possible collections to focus on. 5 out 8 collections we have tested so far have brought positive results.

  • Creatives testing: The month of Feb was all revolving around testing, testing collections, products, but mainly creatives. We must have tested atleast 5 different creative styles before landing on the winner, and once we did, we just replicated the same on others and boom the orders started flowing.

  • Optimize and scale: After one month's testing, most of this month has been revolving around replicating and scaling, Or as we like to call it, kill the non-performers and pushing the pedal 10X on the ones that do.

Note: The ROAS, as well as Sales figures you see here are post cancellations, which makes it all the more merrier, and with an 80% COD delivery rate, and 30% prepaid rato minimum.

Follow the above steps if you are struggling to get performance out of your ads, and you are bound NOT to fail.

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