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Rs.3.5 Lakhs Revenue in 25 days at 11X ROAS for a clothing brand revived after a break of 4 months.

Background -

This clients store has been inactive for last few months as they reworked on product strategy. And the moment they said we are ready to roll the ads were in action.

Things working for us with this account -

  1. Broad campaigns are brining in best performance.

  2. We are planning to scale to 100 orders a day by end of this month, and hence the acc setup has been done in a way to support the same.

  3. MoF campaigns started, reaching out to old interactions with brand and we’ve seen immediate results on the same with the new products.

  4. BoF currently being done via Email, hasn’t been super effective and planning to launch WhatsApp funnels for the same for better efficiency.

Things planned out:

  1. Setting up WhatsApp and SMS flows to better convert on BoF.

  2. Influencer barter collaborations to be started in coming weeks.

  3. With only 1 category being tested and launched, client now has a lot of drops coming down the line, we will be working on comprehensive + social media plan to roll them out in syn and start scaling things up quickly.

  4. Scaling this one category to around 100 orders a day.

  5. Identifying new winning categories to help them scale up.

  6. A theme revamp may be worked up on in the coming months to accommodate different categories they plan to launch.

The numbers look very promising as things stand. Hope you found this useful!

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