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Rs. 30.2 lakhs in 20 days at 3.19 ROAS using FB & Google ADs

Total Attributed Sales - Rs. 3021466

Spent - Rs. 945454

ROAS - 3.19

What we did?

Preparation (November)

With Christmas season around the corner our team had already started prepping for scaling up before hand. Scouring through last years data on ad acc, creatives, targetings, copies, offers and co-ordinating with clients creative team to ensure we have enough creatives and insights to start ramping up sales from day 1.

This was all done in the second & third week on November while some test campaigns were also launched during this phase to test creatives, targetings and angles.

During November we also simplified the overall account structure going from 10 active campaigns to just 5 -

  1. Best Performers (All time best performing targetings)

  2. MOF (Engagers)

  3. BOF (Retargeting)

  4. Festive (only dedicated to Christmas)

  5. New Targetings & new best performers

And introduced an new targeting campaign solely for testing of all kind.

  1. Testing (All)

We had started with Christmas Campaigns as early as 22nd of December and started introducing them and diverting more spends to them by the start of December. And as December rolled around, we were ready.

While on Google -

We had just 3 campaigns active -

  1. PMax

  2. Christmas search

  3. Branded keywords.

Having a lot of history built up over last few months we had a great base to go ahead and launch PMax campaigns, and we introduced a new set for Christmas around last week of November to help boost up the sales.

The whole idea was to go into the month well prepared and then let the ad acc & ai work its magic.

December -

With the base all ready - we kept observing each campaigns daily to ensure we are working at full potential optimising daily, launching new creative whenever and wherever necessary.

We started the month off at Rs. 50k daily adspend roughly, ramped it upto Rs. 75k a day (Limited due to logistical issues on the backend) so much so that we had to reduce spend down to 40k by 15th/16th and 20k by 18th and eventually stop all ads by 20th December as the clients team could no longer handle more orders coming in. The 2 days extra are just to account for late reportings which accounted for about Rs. 25-30k in revenue.

Well, Dhairya you spoke so much about November but not much about December - why?

Because sometimes, its all about being prepared than making things on the go, which is what we did in this case!

Here are some of our learnings which you can apply too -

  • Last year’s campaign data and learnings helped us to get a good start (last 2 year’s campaigns what worked / what did not work)

  • We started running campaigns before our competitors (10 Days before)

  • Simplifying the account was important in order to optimize and scale effectively and aggressively (we changed our scaling approach from 20% > 100%)

  • Brainstorming helped to identify winning TG’s and creatives

Total buckets tested:

TOF: 10 MOF: 5-6 BOF: 6-7

Total winning buckets identified: 6

  • Effective and aggressive scaling played a key role, we were increasing budgets by anywhere between 25-100% (we know its not ideal in usual scenario, but because these are time sensitive campaigns we ensured that before scaling the campaigns were optimised enough that they dont break down)

However, still some used to effectively get scaled up from the very next day, some would

Take 2-3 days to get settled in at new adspend.

  • Running it on ABO instead of CBO - while trying to ramp up scaling effectively it becomes very very essential to have controls over the minutest of things possible - all 25-30 buckets and more than 50 creatives we tested - were ran on ABOs and scaling done on ABO level too, to ensure quick and effective ramp ups in scaling.

  • Videos - Reels & Catalogs were our best performers for these campaigns.

  • Creative testing is key - for each new product / category we tested we launched a min of 3-5 creatives before taking a call to shut them - ranging from single image to reels and catalogs

If you are looking to ramp up your adspends and scale things up we have 3 slots opened up for next month.

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