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Understand " Ads Economy" to Successfully run & scale your Ecom Store

What most brands today fail to realize is how the Ads economy works, and to work with a client who is not only patient but understands the process is truly like finding a hidden gem.

What do I mean by "Ads economy"? (Bear in mind this is for Ecom store owners and not sellers selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc)

To sell anything online, the product must have the following features:

  • Unique, and not easily available in one's local market.

  • Should have good photography (jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai)

  • Focus on building a brand rather than just selling stuff online.

Let me explain why

If the products are not unique and can be found in a store nearby, does it make any sense for the customer to wait 4-7 days for the delivery?? (and if they wanted to buy online they could simply hop onto amazon for 1-2 days delivery and also cheaper price than you)

Half of our decisions of what to eat are taken by how visually appealing the food looks and how it smells, whereas functionally both have no use to how it tastes. Similarly, the better your product looks, the more likely are the customers going to purchase your product. (In my personal experience, we were able to bring CPP down by almost 10X just by changing the creative direction of photos put up on the store and in ads)

Most new online sellers want to only focus on sales. While I agree that the primary objective and most of your time should be allocated to it. However, completely abandoning your social media is not at all recommended. Let me tell you the impact.

For similar clothing brands who started with us and worked with no social media activity, RTO % was close to 50%, even after calling & confirmations,

With this client after tracking numbers of first month with all day posting, the RTO% was only 30% (pretty good for a new brand, with no social presence)

Followers act as social proof as your brand grows old, thereby helping you bring your RTO% down and increasing your prepaid orders as well. No of followers for brands who didn't post anything - 25. No of followers gained for this brand 72.

They got 4-5 orders on DM's alone just for being active, where as elsewhere, the only DMs were for order enquiries.

And the Final Part, TESTING.

When you are just starting out, you must understand that with ads, there's always going to be 4-5 winning products if not just 1, which will be the bread and butter for your online store.

And in order to identify that, you must spend decent budget in advertising to figure this out. Speaking of the CPP example above, we had discarded that one product as the CPP was too high, but having checked all products and nothing to work with, we recommended a few changes, especially in terms of product photography and the CPP came down by 10X)

If the budgets were constrained, the client would have never been able to identify this,

PS That product went onto become lifetime best seller for that client selling over 50,000 units of that one single product alone.

Coming back to this brand, the first month was solely dedicated to the testing of products, as you can see, we have already tested a lot of product sets and categories, and we were able to finalise 2 categories to go big in the Q4, production is in motion, and waiting for clients go to start scaling these campaigns up.

Patience is the game at the beginning and swiftness once you have your basics strong 💪

Hope this will help a lot of brands understand what's not working for them and what they need to work upon to improve results or if you are started, what you should expect in your early days!


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